Running EazyCNC on older Macs

Officially EazyCNC does not run on macOS versions older that High Sierra.

This is because of the limitations of the tools that are used to package the application into a macOS .app bundle.

The application itself runs just fine if you can get it started.

This requires some command line Jujutsu but I've packaged it into a relatively easy to run script that you can execute by just double clicking it.

These are general purpose instructions that you need to apply yourself and require some basic command line skills.

First you need to download the script.

Next copy the script to the same folder where you have the application, usually and in the example below to the Applications folder.

The script comes in two varieties.

One for EazyCNC versions prior to and including 2.0.35 and an other one for version 2.0.36 and later.

Make sure you pick the correct file.

Now you need to rename the script so that it has the same version number as in the name of the

For example if the EazyCNC file is named as then rename the script as run-EazyCNC-2.0.35

To be able to run the script you need to add execution permissions to the script file.

To do that you need to open the "" and enter the following command.

sudo chmod a+x /Applications/run-EazyCNC-2.0.35

Lastly you need tell Finder to execute the script with the 'Terminal'.

To do that right-click on the script and select Info from the popup menu.

In the Info dialog that opens under the Open with: select 'Other...' and browse and point to the '' application.

Now you should be able to run EazyCNC by double clicking at the script file.

That's all folks!