Experimental Release of EazyCNC for Android

Below you can download an Experimental Release of EazyCNC for Android.

This Release is based on the EazyCNC version

This release requires an Android tablet with minimum of 1 GB RAM / 4 GB free Flash storage with a screen of at least 1280 x 800 pixels (maybe less if you select the Compact Screen Size) and Anroid system software version Honeycomb (3.2.x / API 13) or better. To use it with TOAD4 stepper motor controller a tablet with USB HOST -port is required, not a USB DEVICE port which most tablets support, possibly a USB OTG can be hacked to work with it.

One such tablet is the discontinued Toshiba Thrive , you can go to the gallery to see a picture of EazyCNC running on it.

To install it, download the EazyCNC-Anrdoid- file from the link below, extract the EazyCNC- file from within the .zip file and use your favourite File Transfer Tool to transfer the file to your Android tablet's Downloads folder.

Then, on the tablet, go to the Android's File Manager, navigate to the Downloads folder and click on the EazyCNC-icon, this should start the installation.

Click here to Download EazyCNC-Android-

If you don't have an actual Android device but would still like to try the software you can use one of the several free Android emulators, such Bluestacks , Android SKD's Emulator or Genymotion , the last one being probably the easiest to use, all you have to do is to create a virtual device, start it and drag the .apk file into the device window.


This release is not a commitment to support EazyCNC on the Android platform.

This EazyCNC for Android release has seen minimal testing on a few emulators and on a single devive, a Toshiba Thrive tablet.

This release is based on the realease of the desktop EazyCNC which has been extensively reworked and only minimally tested.

Be extremely carefull if you attempt to use this with actual machinging equipment!

Because of the limited computing power on current generation of Android tables it may not feasible to use EazyCNC on a tablet, especially the simulation mode and tool path display are very taxing on the system.

Even if it turns out that it is feasible to use an Android table to run EazyCNC it may be only possible on specific devices and Android versions because of the limitations and fragmentation of the Android platform and devices.

Development and testing on the Android platform is inherently more demanding than on 'conventional' operating system so this is bound to bog down the development of the Android versions of EazyCNC, even though they are essentially produced from the same code base automatically.

The Android version of EazyCNC supports essentially the same features as the other versions, except Joystick and Keybaord shortcuts are not supported and some of the confirmation/warning dialogs are missing.