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Assortment of images related to TOAD4 and EazyCNC

EazyCNC Live on Toshiba Thrived Android Tablet, 26.2.2014

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Alternative Enclosure Idea, 2.2.2014

Here is a sketch of an idea to fabricate an enclosure for TOAD4 from 2 mm sheet aluminum.

Simply folded to form the five sides and corners welded or soldered with Durafix (amazing stuff, actually does what it says on the tin!).

The heat sink provides the sixth side.

The 'back' side left shorter (or not) to leave room for the motor connectors, in this way there are less cut outs in the enclosure.

Mounted so that the heat sink fins are vertical and the motor connectors point downwards so that natural convection is improved and no debris will fall into inside of the enclosure even though it is left somewhat open around the motor connectors.

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EMI filters VFD, 15.12.2013

Here is a picture of the EMI filters I had to improvise to tame the EM interference from a Huanyang Electronics 1.5 kW cheap Variable Frequency Driver I used for the CNC-router spindle.

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Joystick, 15.12.2013

Here is a picture of the 'generic' Joystick bought from eBay / China for about 15 EUR/USD.

Finished router CNC-router, 15.12.2013

Here is one more picture of the almost finished CNC-router.

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First cuts with CNC-router, 17.8.2013

Here is a picture of the first attempts with my new CNC-router.

Component Identification Pictures, 1.8.2013

Here are three pictures from the manual for better viewing.

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Kit contents, 23.7.2013

Here are two pictures of the contents of the 'Kits' as shipped today.

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Batch of 20 x TOAD4 kits ready for mailing, 19.7.2013

Some pictures of my little sweatshop. Re-packing components for a batch of 20 kits amazingly took more than a full working day. Sure makes you appreciate people in less fortunate countries doing this for next to nothing just to make ends meet.

A sketch of fitting TOAD4 into Hammond 1590e enclosure, 8.7.2013

This is not an endorsment of this particular enclosure although I had this mind when the board was designed. I'm not sure this is ideal as it is a tight fit and requires some machining. Proceed with caution.

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A drawing of the heatsink, 8.7.2013

A proper .pdf file is available on the Downloads page or from this link.

A multilayer color printout of the RC8 board, 2.7.2013

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TOAD4 RC8 first ,completed PCB, 24.6.2013

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PCB - component side (RC8), 24.6.2013

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PCB - solder side (RC8), 24.6.2013

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First Batch of 25 of RC8 on arrival, 7.6.2013

PCB - component side (RC7)

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PCB - solder side (RC7)

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