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[ TOAD4 ]


TOAD4 is a self contained four axis CNC controller with spindle control and touch probe interface aimed at the hobby market and DIY people. It is built around four Toshiba TB6560 microstepping stepper motor drivers and the Microchip PIC18F4550 USB-enabled microcon- troller.

  • Four identical stepper drivers
    • 34 VDC drive voltage
    • 3A / phase drive current
    • software controllable current on/off
    • software selectable high drive / low hold torque
    • four step modes from full step down to micro stepping
    • four different current decay modes
    • up to 11 kHz step frequency
  • Four reference/home position switch inputs
    • +12/5 VDC output option for optical gates etc
  • Spindle / Torch control interface
    • optically isolated forward and reverse outputs
    • optically isolated ratiometric spindle speed output for VFD drive
  • Coolant control output
    • optically isolated output for coolant control
  • Touch probe input
    • optional optical isolation
    • optional isolated DC power output for probe
  • Speed control input
    • software readable potentiometer input for cutting speed control
  • Cooling fan power output
    • 12 V @ 100 mA available for a standard low power cooling fan
  • Integral power supply
    • up to 80 VA integral unregulated power supply for motors and electronics
  • USB Interface
    • Full Speed / 12 Mb/s interface
    • no LPT/Parallel port required
    • No drivers needed for host operating system
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and Android
    • Allows use of mini laptops for CNC applications
  • PIC Flash Microcontroller
    • does not depend on host operating system for real time tasks
    • 1kB RAM memory
    • 32 kB Flash ROM memory
    • Serial port for debugging
  • All Through-Hole PCB Construction
    • no hard-to-solder surface mount components used
  • Standard DE9 Connectors
    • all machine internal connections can be made with cheap and cheerful common serial port cables
  • Compact mechanical construction
    • fits into standard Hammond die cast aluminum enclosure
    • all machine connection easily dis-connectable for service
    • easy mechanical construction