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[ Downloads ]

Click a link below to download EazyCNC - 2.0.36 for your platform

Basically to get you started all you need is one of the files below!

In case you are looking for an older (or X-version) file, you can find them from this link.

Operating System support

- macOS

If you get the infamous "This application is damaged and can't be opened" -dialog, see this page.

On macOS EazyCNC is only supported on 'macOS High Sierra' which is the current (Autumn 2020) development platform. It is likely that it runs just fine on later macOS versions too.

On earlier version it does not run and that is not and will not be supported, however all hope is not lost, you can try to run it on older Macs with these instructions.

- Windows

On Windows EazyCNC is only supported on 'Windows 10', but seems to run on Windows 7 (64b) too.

EazyCNC is 64 bit application, but starting with (not yet released) 2.0.36 a 32 bit executable (.exe without installer) will be available for those who want to run it at their own risk on a 32 bit Windows.

- Linux

On Linux EazyCNC is distributed as 64 bit application in the form of a .deb package with the expectation that a Linux user will be able to use their google or Linux skills to install a .deb package from a local file.

Click the links below to download the manuals

Click the links below to download the hardware documentation

Check out the release history from the link below

Click the link below to download EazyCNC strings.properties file

This file is only needed if you want to customize/translate the user interface texts.

The process of customizing and translation is described here.

Click the link below to download EazyCNC classes jar

This file is only needed if you want to do Plugin Development.

Click a link below to download the driver file necessary for Windows

Click a link below to download an example G-code file

Download and un-zip, then click'SIMU' in EazyCNC, then ''Load' and select the un-zipped file and click 'RUN ' to see how it cuts, when the code pauses at G-code M0 and EazyCNC enters hold state, click 'RUN' again to continue.

This G-code was generated automatically from a jDraft drawing.

Click the link below to download TOAD4 firmware

Note! With Mac OS X Yosemite you absolutely need this latest firmware!

Click the link below to download EazyCNC configuration file

You can download the configuration file from the link below but starting from EazyCNC version this si not necessary and not recommended.

All the machine setup related setting are stored in a configuration file called EazyCNC-Mach-Config.ecnc . This file will be placed in a folder/directory named EazyCNC in your home directory. If you don't have this file EazyCNC creates this file when you click the 'SAVE' button and it should automatically have usable default values for experimenting but just in case here is a copy of the file I use with my plasma cutter.

Note that if the folder EazyCNC does not exist in your home directory EazyCNC will create it.

Home directory depends on your OS as follows.
Mac OS X'/Users/username'
Windows XP'C:\Documents and Settings\username'
Windows 7 'C:\Users\username'
Linux '/home/username'

Click the link below to download the TOAD4-RC9 design files including Gerber files

Acrhived Stuff

Below links to old out of date documents

TOAD4-RC6 board has now, as of 2nd of May 2013, been superseded by TOAD4-RC8 which is electrically almost identical apart from a few connector pin changes and an additional opto-isolated input. Firmware wise RC6 and RC8 are identical and compatible.

Below are archived links to documentation that are pertinent to those that have a RC6 board.